Industrial Cleaning Equipment & Pressure Washers

Every industry on the planet relies on clean, efficient operations to stay in business. Warehouses, assembly lines, packing plants, and other facilities need to stay hygienic for regulatory and licensing purposes, but also for the health and safety of their workforce. If you are looking for an industrial cleaning solution that is reliable, cost-effective, and user-friendly, you’ve come to the right place. Watts Steam Store is proud to provide a full lineup of Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho industrial pressure washers, steam cleaners, sweepers, and other machinery to keep your company going strong.

Chemical Industry

For the chemicals industry, the amount of dirt and debris can be overwhelming. But our high-performing washers and cleaners can handle it! Keep your laboratories, plants, and storage areas spic and span, along with your drums, tanks, and containers. Avoid contamination and losses with our cleaning machines.

Machinery Industry

For the machinery industry, we offer gentle and precise cleaners alongside large and powerful equipment. With our industrial cleaning solutions, you can remove dust, dyes, solvents, oils, and adhesives, without compromising the quality of your machinery. Keep your assembly lines and warehouses spotless and free from hazardous debris.

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(shown with optional hose reel) Our most popular model has an Electric motor, and is Oil-Fired or LP-Fired, with a 1725 RPM Direct-Drive Pump. It’s ideal for industries such as construction, manufacturing, trucking, agriculture and more. Compact, sporty and easy to operate.


Contact pressure adjustment: The contact pressure can be manually adjusted to various settings. The advantages are clear: no risk of burn-in effects on sensitive floors; reduced motor power consumption – for longer battery operation; less brush or pad wear. Intelligent keys: the KIK system (Kärcher Intelligent Key) Two keys, two colors: gray for supervisors or programmers and yellow for operators. 

AVALANCHE-36-VD 9700 CFM Variable Speed Portable Evaporative Cooler

The AVALANCHE-36-VD is a variable speed, direct drive portable evaporative cooler. Its 36″ fan, 46 gallon water reservoir, and powerful, yet whisper quiet motor will keep you cool and comfortable. 

  • The industrial grade COOL-SPACE 36″ variable speed, direct drive is completely portable with a thick, UV resistant housing that will not leak or rust
  • A large 46 gallon built in water reservoir offers hours of operation without a water supply connection
  • Edge coated cooling media for durability and extended life
  • Longest warranty in the industry!

Thought I had to buy a new Steam Washer. However Watts came to my rescue. Fixed it in no time (less then a week). Wasn't one of their machines.
Thanks Watts!!!!

-Gregg C.

Watts Steam Store was great. The washer I bought from them has been a great machine. It hasn't had any trouble in the 2 years I have had it. They serviced it for me and it's still running great like new. It cleans like no other. The other brands I have had don't even come close to the Hotsy I bought from them. Thanks again Watts for your tremendous service and products.

-Bart M.

Looking for great pressure washer? Watts has great service, knowledge and passionate professionals who know their stuff? The guys over there really care about making you succeed. They answer the phone when you need to know something and their prices are unbelievable. Talk to Sean. He has been a huge help to my small business. He helped me make the contacts I needed and has gone above and beyond when I am in a pinch!

-Cody C.

Becca went above and beyond and was awesome to help get my power washer running again. She was knowledgeable and good at her craft...she knows how and isn’t afraid to turn a wrench. Highly recommend doing business with this family owned outfit.

-Chad W.