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Professional grade Hotsy pressure washers, Kärcher floor scrubbers, Water Maze wash or recycled water treatment, JRI parts washers, OEM pressure washer parts & accessories, detergents, Clean Burn waste oil burners, Val 6 portable infrared heaters and more.

As an authorized Hotsy dealer, Watts Steam Store offers more than 100 models of Hotsy pressure washer for sale in both hot and cold models from our stores. With a trusted guarantee for each piece of Hotsy equipment sold, every investment in our hot or cold pressure washers is essentially risk-free. During the decision process, the Watts Steam Store team works with you to select the best custom pressure washer parts and accessories for your industry, ensuring that your cleaning equipment is as efficient and long-lasting as possible.

Your #1 source for commercial pressure washer sales, service, and rental with store locations in Ogden, Salt Lake City and St George, Utah, & Boise, Twin Falls and Idaho Falls, ID.


Hotsy, the number one name in industrial cleaning equipment and pressure washers in North America for over 45 years


On-site repairs and maintenance available on all major industrial brand pressure washers. Contact us today.


We supply genuine Hotsy parts and accessories, as well as replacement parts for all major equipment brands.


Have a big cleaning project? We have a great solution…rent a pressure washer from Watts Steam Store.


Watts Steam Store is proud to offer Hotsy’s high quality pressure washer detergents, cleaners & soaps.


Properly burning away used oil requires machinery with precision engineering and a reliable reputation.

Solutions For Every Industry


Since dirt, gravel and sand are part of your world, it’s important to clean equipment regularly. By keeping machines free of dirt and caked-on mud, companies can preserve their equipment before major problems occur avoiding costly downtime.


Pressure washers rugged enough to meet the intense demands of those in the agriculture industry. Farmers know dirt, mud and muck are just part of the daily routine and industrial cleaning systems and pressure washing experts know how to keep your equipment clean with the right cleaning equipment.


Fleet image and maintenance are critical to anyone in the transporatation industry. The right industrial cleaning sytems makes the arduous task of fleet washing tractor-trailer rigs, dump trucks, cargo vans, school buses and shop maintenance a breeze.


Some of the dirtiest of jobs require the best cleaning machines. From compactor and dumpster refurbishing to fleet washing, Hotsy industrial use pressure washers, along with specialized detergents, removes caked-on dirt, grime & grease quickly.


Facilities and equipment maintenance is critical for safety and workflow. Hotsy industrial pressure washers and Karcher floor scrubber equipment help remove dirt, grease, and oils to reduce downtime and create a safe work environment.

Food Service

Food processing facilities and equipment must be properly cleaned to meet regulatory requirements in order to minimize the spread of harmful germs, bacteria and to remove grease, grime and residue from food preparation areas.

About Us

 If you’re looking for premium quality pressure washer sales and rentals, commercial parts, accessories or services in your industry, Watts Steam Store can help. We have stores in Ogden, Utah, Twin Falls, Idaho and Idaho Falls, ID with a huge inventory of high-pressure system accessories, including trigger guns, wands, hoses, nozzles, and more, we’re positive we can keep everything in working order. We even offer a variety of telescoping wands and flat surface cleaners. 1-800-488-6215

Watts Steam Store serves the Utah, Wyoming, and Idaho communities with power washer rentals, services, and sales and also delivers the most rugged and durable lines of pressure washers on the market. Our industrial-strength pressure washers are designed for daily use. We are proud to have the most knowledgeable and friendly pressure washer sales staff throughout Utah, Idaho, Wyoming and Nevada who will help you select the best pressure washer for your cleaning job. Excellent warranties, superior performance and ETL safety certified. 

Thought I had to buy a new Steam Washer. However Watts came to my rescue. Fixed it in no time (less then a week). Wasn't one of their machines.
Thanks Watts!!!!

-Gregg C.

Watts Steam Store was great. The washer I bought from them has been a great machine. It hasn't had any trouble in the 2 years I have had it. They serviced it for me and it's still running great like new. It cleans like no other. The other brands I have had don't even come close to the Hotsy I bought from them. Thanks again Watts for your tremendous service and products.

-Bart M.

Looking for great pressure washer? Watts has great service, knowledge and passionate professionals who know their stuff? The guys over there really care about making you succeed. They answer the phone when you need to know something and their prices are unbelievable. Talk to Sean. He has been a huge help to my small business. He helped me make the contacts I needed and has gone above and beyond when I am in a pinch!

-Cody C.

Becca went above and beyond and was awesome to help get my power washer running again. She was knowledgeable and good at her craft...she knows how and isn’t afraid to turn a wrench. Highly recommend doing business with this family owned outfit.

-Chad W.