Living through a drought has proven to be no fun as this summer keeps bringing on the sunny days and has been stingy with the rainfalls. During these times of desert hallucinations and people trying to cook eggs on their dashboards, things still require water to stay clean & sanitized… now more than ever. However, many people might scoff at using a pressure washer to clean floors, equipment and commercial and industrial spaces because of the perceived wastefulness. This could not be further from the truth as you will see; the proper pressure washing equipment can provide efficient and waste-reducing water cleaning in certain areas and under certain conditions.  

  1. Conservation of water – the truth is, using high pressure power washers for cleaning in these conditions is more responsible than you might think, but for all the right reasons.  Whereas cleaning with a hose, which uses 8 – 10 gallons of water per minute, power washing consumes a mere 3 – 5 gallons of water per minute.  Why is this, 2 reasons: first, less water is needed to “clean” the site & the pressure used to effectively and visually clean the area without scrubbing. Second, there is intention behind pressure washing whereas washing with a hose tends to be a more meandering process. Using as little water as possible for precision cleaning as well as saving human resources & time.  

2. Recyclable source of energy – industrial & commercial power washing companies specializing in water recovery install equipment for the very purpose of collecting runoff into a collection area.  This not only serves to collect the dirty runoff, but to reuse as possible the water being originally utilized. Items like the Hotsy 555HE pressure washer has a 1300 PSI pressure output but this water resource can be collected for treatment and use for the next project.

Hotsy 555HE

3. Non Potable water source – many pressure washer companies employ trailer mounted pressure washer systems to avoid water usage all together.  This is a water resource relying on water deemed “not suitable for drinking” from streams, lakes, rivers, etc.  So this form of pressure washing, combined with recycling, provides a one-stop-shop.

So with the drought temps starting to let up a little bit, rest assured that the products Watts Steam Store provides are best suited to keep water usage down while  surfaces get clean…even while they’re baking in the sun. 

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