Ogden Industrial Parts Washer Systems from JRI

JRI Cleaning Systems offers a complete line of standard front load industrial parts washers, top load parts washers, automatic parts washers, immersion-agitation, and spray under immersion washers, pass through parts washers, and heavy duty washers as well as custom washers build to meet our customers’ requirements.

Serving Ogden, Watts Steam Store offers a selection of industrial parts washers for our customers across Utah, Idaho and even Wyoming. Watts’s industrial parts washer selection includes front load washers, pass through parts washers, heavy duty washers, immersion washers with spray under function, immersion-agitation washers, load parts washers, top load parts washers, and even custom washers. If you work in an industry that needs effective, immersive cleaning for your equipment parts, check out these products and more from JRI Cleaning Systems, a manufacturer with Watts Steam Store.


A part of our original product offering, Jenfab’s PCS line of front-load, spray cabinet parts washers has evolved into one of the best your money can buy. The PCS not only provides precision cleaning, but also reliability that makes these systems a standard in the cabinet cleaning industry.


Jenfab’s TL top load spray cabinet parts washer line of equipment is perfect for cellular washing or for those installations that need a value-added cleaning process in a small space. We offer top loaders with turntables ranging in size from 21″ to 72″ for our standard models, and up to 120” on custom systems.


Roll in, powerful automatic parts washer

Messy pressure-washing and scrub tubs waste time and you can involve dangerous solvents. The Jenfab Orca system is more efficient, more effective, and safer. And we make environmentally sound disposal of oil easy.

JRI Cleaning Systems stands out from other parts cleaning machine companies because of the breadth and quality of their selection. With a complete line of industrial and aqueous parts washers, JRI can be the cleaning solution for almost any industry on land or sea. To ensure high standards in aqueous and industrial parts washers for our customers across Idaho, Wyoming, and Utah, Watts Steam Store chose JRI Cleaning Systems for their industry-wide reputation for producing powerful and reliable machines, including front load and automatic parts washers. JRI Cleaning Systems has manufactured parts washing systems since 1993, helping hundreds of businesses maintain efficiency and cost savings. Cleaning systems design by JRI are completely automatic and solvent free, meaning your employees can conduct other tasks while the industrial parts washer from Watts Steam Store in Utah, Idaho, or Wyoming gets everything back to specs.

Every aqueous and industrial parts washer with JRI is designed around versatility, durability, and affordability. All high quality parts washers are offered at a competitive price that balances long-term investment with ongoing support from the Watts Steam Store team. As an insured and well financed company, JRI Cleaning Systems is dedicated to providing all its clients with precision engineered parts washers that are built to last.

If your industry in Utah, Wyoming and Idaho is in need of an industrial parts washer, JRI’s aqueous heavy duty cleaners are the toughest and most effective available. Contact Watts Steam Store today to learn more information!

The Most Complete Line of Aqueous Parts Washers on the Market Today, call us for more information 1-800-488-6215

Thought I had to buy a new Steam Washer. However Watts came to my rescue. Fixed it in no time (less then a week). Wasn't one of their machines.
Thanks Watts!!!!

-Gregg C.

Watts Steam Store was great. The washer I bought from them has been a great machine. It hasn't had any trouble in the 2 years I have had it. They serviced it for me and it's still running great like new. It cleans like no other. The other brands I have had don't even come close to the Hotsy I bought from them. Thanks again Watts for your tremendous service and products.

-Bart M.

Looking for great pressure washer? Watts has great service, knowledge and passionate professionals who know their stuff? The guys over there really care about making you succeed. They answer the phone when you need to know something and their prices are unbelievable. Talk to Sean. He has been a huge help to my small business. He helped me make the contacts I needed and has gone above and beyond when I am in a pinch!

-Cody C.

Becca went above and beyond and was awesome to help get my power washer running again. She was knowledgeable and good at her craft...she knows how and isn’t afraid to turn a wrench. Highly recommend doing business with this family owned outfit.

-Chad W.